Monday, March 18, 2013

Summer Coolers

As in almost all my shoots, there is not enough budget to get a food stylist so everything we shoot is the real thing. The problem with this shoot was that the drinks actually came from the lobby one floor down from where we were shooting so you have a very limited window till the drink breaks up and all the pulp rises up to the top of the glass. Some photoshopping applied here. All props and backgrounds i brought to the set.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Field Day

Some of the images we shot for Mrs. Fields in our studio. They hauled a lot of food stuff to our studio but it was definitely worth the trip as they were able to utilize the kitchen's facilities and the props and backgrounds available in the studio. We are serious about food photography and we are constantly adding sutff to our collection of kitchen props, plates, linens etc - be it modern or vintage, anything we can find in the mall or the thrift store. It would be more convenient for clients to shoot in their restaurant, but the advantage of shooting in the studio where you have better control of lighting as viewed on a bigger monitor plus the options of  props available is i think more important.

Chicken Joy

No not Jolibee, just a phrase to describe the shoot we did for a restaurant that serve korean style chicken  fares along with other comfort food. These are the raw images, shot on white meant for dropping out. Shot inside their restaurant.

Inasal et al

Photography and layout of backlit menu for a restaurant serving seafood and grilled dishes in Puerto Galera.

Rainbow Snow

Photography and layout i did for Rainbow Snow, a dessert and drinks restaurant that serve Taiwanese icy concoctions. I also designed the logo for them.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Pili Nut Project

Also from last year, a shoot for a government projct that aims to promote the lowly pili nut.

Natural Light

An impromptu food shoot called at the last minute. Client decided to have some shots taken during a food bloggers event in their restaurant. No time and space to set-up the strobes on this shoot. Just an acrylic diffuser and a couple of reflectors to control the mid-day sun.

Jeepok's Manok

Food images from last year's shoot for Jeepok, a jeepney themed fast food in Cavite that serves fried chicken along with "sisig" as their main offerings. Shot mainly in the owner's kitchen with the camera wirelessly hooked up to an ipad for reviewing shots. This is one of those marathon shoots where you don't have the time to fuss with lighting. Shot close to 30 items i think.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sea Food Shoot in Gen San

Hi, i've been meaning to create this blog since a year ago but just couldn't find the time to learn how... until today. So allow me to bring you up to speed on my past projects that i thought would be worth showing as well. Sorry for possible misspellings or grammatical errors... i'm dyslexic when i type sometiems. And i don't capitalize my Is cos that's too much work.

Anyways, my first post is a project i did for a seafood restaurant in Gen. Santos City. My first out of towner food shoot actually. It would have been great, cos they flew me in and had me stay in a nice hotel except they did not pay me half of the contract. My mistake is I have trusted them enough to send them a hi-res copy of the images. Charge that to experience and a valuable lesson learned. Except for big companies and ad agencies my policy now is hi-res images upon full payment... which is only fair.